RANGE 90 - Performance Acne Treatment Set

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$190.99 USD
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RANGE 90 - Performance Acne Treatment Set

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$190.99 USD

  • Product benefits:

    The HT26 laboratory offers you a complete range of treatments specially formulated to meet your needs.


    This program addresses the problems of oily skin problems.


    The EXTREME PURETE performance pack program consists of the following products:


    Soap 90

    Lotion 90

    Cream 90

    Gel 90

    Facial brush 90

    Lightening scrub 90


    Routine to follow:

    Step 1: Clean and brush the face with soap 90


    • Lather the product with a little water

    • Apply on damp skin

    • Perform circular movements with the face brush

    • Rinse


    TIP: Used daily, the brush reveals the radiance of the skin.


    Step 2: Scrub the impurities and dead cells with the Lightening Scrub Preparation


    • Apply on wet skin 4 scrubs (forehead, cheeks and chin)

    • Massage by gentle circular movements using the scrubbing sponge

    • Make circular movements

    • Rinse with warm water

    • 2 times a week for 5 minutes


    Step 3: Carefully Treat Stains and Buttons with Lotion 90


    • Soak a cotton disc with 90 lotion

    • Apply to clean, dry skin by tapping targeted spots and pimples

    • Let dry

    • Morning and evening for a minute


    TIP: Dab gently to let in herbal actives and vitamins


    Step 4: Unify the complexion gently with Cream 90


    • Heat the product in your hands

    • Apply to the face and neck without pressing

    • Apply pressure on the cheeks, forehead and neck

    • Avoid the eye area

    • Every morning for 1 minute


    Step 5: Dry the blemishes and balance the skin with the Gel 90


    • Apply on the face and neck without pressing a small amount of gel on imperfections

    • Avoid the eye area

    • Every evening for 1 minute




    Your skin is unified and matified, the tasks and imperfections gradually disappear. The results are visible very quickly! Indeed, the products are better targeted and therefore more effective.

    • Contenance 300 g