HT26 - Intensive Concentrated Face Lotion Action Taches - ShanShar
HT26 - Clarifying Floral Toning Lotion - ShanShar
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RADIANT GLOW BOTANICAL FACIAL TONER 150ML.  Clean, tightening pores , moisturize and refresh the skin. - ShanShar
HT26 -   Lightening Maximal Concentration Bleaching Face Lotion - ShanShar
RADIANT GLOW BOTANICAL FACIAL MILK 80ML. Restore smoothness, suppleness, balance oil secretions & elasticity. - ShanShar
MAKARI - PIMPLE DRYING TREATMENT Shrinks acne. Soothes irritation. Refines pores.  For acne-prone skin types 1 oz - ShanShar
Topsygel - Lightening Lotion 120 ml
DUOPACK PREMIUM PLUS  Evens tone. Moisturizes. Boosts radiance.  For dry, maturing and normal skin types - ShanShar
MAKARI - EXCLUSIVE TONING GEL. Lightens spots. Clarifies. Unifies.  For all skin types except sensitive - ShanShar
HT26 - Range 90 Acne Solutions - Lightening Lotion 90 / 100ml bottle - ShanShar