HT26 - Intensive Concentrated body lotion with carrot oil (GOLD):  unify complexion ,relieve dryness. / Lait action taches à l'huile de carotte - ShanShar
HT26 - Intensive Concentrated Cream Action-taches - ShanShar
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HT26 - Intensive Concentrated Cream Gold & Argan Face Cream, Clean the dark areas and evens skin tone - ShanShar
HT26 - Exfoliating Clearing Face Mask - ShanShar
HT26 - Clarifying Floral Toning Lotion - ShanShar
HT26 - Face Cure Multi-Repairing Night Cream: - ShanShar
HT26 - Intensive body whitening Cream Gold & Argan - ShanShar
HT26 - Caviar  Extreme lightening Body Cream with Caviar extracts Cleaned and maxi tone - ShanShar
HT26 - Concentrated Smoothing Serum - ShanShar
MAKARI - MULTI-ACTION EXTREME TONING SERUM SPF 15 / Nourishes. Boosts radiance. Improves elasticity.  For all skin types - ShanShar