Best Skin Lightening Cream for Black Skin, African, Black Americans, Whitening Black Marks, Spots, Pigmentations. 100% without hydroquinone
HT26 - Maximal Concentration Bleaching & hyperpigmentation Body Lotion / Solutionne les problèmes d'hyperpigmentation
HT26 - Deluxe Lightening body lotion Gold & Argan / Lait Corporel Or et Argan / Lait de luxe et de qualité
Kojie San Acid Lightening Soap 2 Bars - 135g)  / The World Best Whitening Soap /  Beware of fake Kojie / No. 1 Acne solution
MAKARI - PIMPLE DRYING TREATMENT Shrinks acne. Soothes irritation. Refines pores.  For acne-prone skin types 1 oz
MAKARI - 24K ROSE GOLD ILLUMINATING SERUM Firms. Improves resiliency. Renews luminosity.  For dry, normal and maturing skin types.